I have benefitted from working with some truly great individuals in my research, teaching and service. These are or have been my partners, advisors or students on research projects.



Doctoral Dissertation Committee

  • Kate Williams advisor website
  • Bo Xie Committee Member, Doctoral Dissertation website
  • Michael Twidale Committee Member, Doctoral Dissertation website
  • Linda C. Smith Committee Member, Doctoral Dissertation website

    Volunteers and students working under my direction, Older Adults Learning Technology Project

  • Noah Oluwafemi Samuel
  • Laura Christene Miller
  • Rubayya Hoque
  • Brittany Jones
  • Hailley Fargo
  • Hillary Greer
  • Angela Slates
  • Brian Bell
  • Pamela Salela

  • Volunteers and staff working under my direction, eBlack Champaign-Urbana Project

  • Raquel Flores-Clemons
  • David A. Spriegel
  • Kaylas Hutcherson
  • Holly Hutcherson
  • Jaime Carpenter
  • Deidre Murphy
  • Rachel Harmon
  • Reginald Carr
  • Dominique Johnson
  • Jelani Saadiq
  • Sherodyn Bolden
  • Adrian Rochelle
  • Daunelle Thompson
  • Nathan Owens
  • Aaisha Haykel
  • Erin Prentiss
  • Steven Assarian
  • Lee Wittenstein
  • Amber Brookshire

  • Collaborators, Advisors and Partners, Past Research Projects

  • Abdul Alkalimat Primary Investigator, eBlack Champaign-Urbana Projectwebsite
  • Shameem Ahmed research partner in Community Informatics Research Lab website
  • Ron Bailey
  • Cao Haixia, Peking University
  • Jeff Ginger website
  • Adrian Kok, Dominican University website
  • Liu Qiyuan
  • Colin Rhinesmith
  • Abigail Sackmann
  • Brian Zelip
  • Zhao Kang, Peking University
  • Anne Gilliland
  • Paul Conway
  • Chris Hamb
  • Christine D'Arpa
  • Ann Bishop